Magnolia (Magnolia) lilliflora x. 'Susan' (Susan Lily Magnolia)

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A cross between M. lilliflora ‘Nigra’ and M. stellata ‘Rosea’ Part of the ‘Little Girl’ series. Flowers about 2-4 weeks later (mid-April to early-May) than regular species, reducing the risk of flower damage from early frosts. Compact, shrubby habit. Fragrant, goblet-shaped, fuchsia flowers, before foliage appears. Slow growing. Leaves turn yellow-bronze in fall.

  • Height: 8'-12'
  • Spread: 8'-12'
  • Exposure:
  • Fruit/Flower: follicetum
  • Fruit Size: 1"-3"
  • Bloom: spring
  • Flower Color: Bright Pink
  • Foliage Color: Green
  • Fall Color: Yellow-Brown
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