Taxodium (Baldcypress) distichum (Common Baldcypress)

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Native tree. Good as a street tree. Drought tolerant. Generally found in wet swampy areas, often in standing water. A deciduous conifer. Pyramidal to conical shape, especially when young. Branching is more or less horizontal. Foliage emerges as a bright yellow and matures to a soft green. Needles turn an attractive, warm reddish brown in fall. Relatively care-free. Works well at pond edges, for shade, in wet sites, as well as in groupings.

  • Height: 50'-80'
  • Spread: 20'-30'
  • Exposure:
  • Fruit/Flower: cones
  • Fruit Size: 3/4"-1"
  • Foliage Color: Yellow-Green
  • Fall Color: Reddish-Brown
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