Celastrus (Bittersweet) Celastrus scandens 'Autumn Revolution' (Autumn Revolution Bittersweet)

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Having both male and female parts, this ‘perfect’ flower is able to produce large orange fruits. These fruits ripen in October to reveal red seeds inside the husks. The plants are popularly dried up and used in flower arrangements. Full sun locations produce the best fruit production. Bittersweet is often used as a climbing vine.  It also makes a good groundcover. Be sure not to plant near a tree as it is strong enough to girdle its trunk.

  • Height: 15'-25'
  • Spread: 24”
  • Exposure:
  • Bloom: Early Fall
  • Flower Color: greenish-white/yellow
  • Foliage Color: deep glossy green
  • Fall Color: Yellow foliage