November signals the winding down of Fall, and the entrance of Winter. Most of the leaves are down, perennials and roses have finished blooming, and the chilly days and nights are here to stay for a while. Nature is slowly putting things to bed for a long nap. The occasional balmy days provide the perfect opportunities to set up holiday displays, hang lights, and take care of other gardening chores:

– Finish planting bulbs for next Spring’s garden. Make sure Summer (tender) bulbs are dug up and stored in a cool, dark area after first frost
– Continue to water broadleaf evergreens, and young or newly planted trees, shrubs and roses until the ground freezes.
– Add burlap and stake plant guards around broadleaf evergreens after adding extra mulch around the plants and spraying with an anti-dessicant.
– Leave 3-4 inches of gap between the ground and the bottom of the burlap for air circulation. Secure the stakes into the ground about 6-12 inches to anchor the screening.
– Cut the dead foliage of perennials back to within 4-5 inches of the ground. In the case of grasses and other plants with interesting flower and seed heads, leave on plant for Winter interest.
– Continue to keep bird feeders full. With a steady supply of suet and seed, you’ll have lots of Winter visitors!
– Late November is a good time to start pruning leaf-bearing trees and shrubs. The leaves are gone and so it is easy to determine the desired form of the plant.
– Take some time to clean, repair and sharpen garden tools.