May is Spring at its best: everything is alive! Trees, shrubs and ma, flowers are all putting on a terrific show. The glory of May – the lilacs – are at their finest, and the soft scents of flowers and freshly mown grass drift in the air. The occasion. chilly evening and cold rain showers still appear, but warm days prevail.

All systems are go for May, and there is much to do:

– Remove Winter protection wraps for young trees.

– Finish dividing early blooming perennials and late-Summer/ early-Fall blooming perennials this month.

– When lilacs have finished blooming, remove faded blooms to promote good flowering next year. Remove suckers and reshape bushes by pruning after flowering has finished.

– Towards the end of the month and into June, bring houseplants outside onto a shady porch to enjoy the Summer.

– Look for aphids and other pests feasting upon your plants. Often a good blast from the hose will help to dislodge unwelcome visitors!

– Start applying deer controls to your yard if you have a problem with them browsing on your plantings.

– Fertilize evergreens, roses, and other flowering bushes to maintain health and encourage growth.

– Directly plant warm season bulbs such as dahlias, cannas, and gladiolas towards the end of the month and into June.

– Deadhead spent blooms of early perennials.

– Early May is a good time for fertilizing lawns, with slow or controlled released nitrogen.

– Do not apply weed controls to newly seeded lawns. Do not apply weed controls on windy days or when the temperature is above 85 F. Keep children and pets off lawns where weed controls have been freshly applied. Wait until weed control is dry for liquid weed controls, or one week for granular applications. Always follow labeling instructions.

– Plant your bedding plants once the danger of frost has passed. Pinch or shear off flowers, if necessary, to give plants the opportunity to become well established before p.ting their energy into blooming. Once planted, thoroughly water the soil around the plants slowly, deeply and evenly, and fertilize according to label directions. Mulch to retain moisture and keep down weeds.