March brings with it a sense of change, that there’s actually light at the end of the tunnel. Even though there are still plenty of cold days and nights, and inevitably more snow, there is a definite feeling that Spring is almost here.

March is also a time when the pace begins to pick up for gardeners:

– If you haven’t already done so, finish removing foliage and dead flower stems from your perennial beds. Also start trimming perennial grasses: remove the dried plumes and foliage. Place back any perennial that has heaved out of the ground.

– Continue to prune fruit trees and grape vines this month. Finish by the second week of the month at the latest.

– Look around your yard and see where things are beginning to grow. Look where plants are still dormant. You can use this information when siting new plants through the season.

– Continue to start seeds indoors. Remember to save empty seed packets for reference and row markers.

– Towards the end of the month, start removing wind breaks from around plants such as rhododendrons. Keep Hydrangea macrophyllas covered a little longer!

– Take advantage of pre-season sales to purchase yard maintenance equipment. March is National Lawnmower Tune-Up Month! Get the lawnmower and other power tools cleaned up and ready to go for the upcoming season.

– Pot up some pansies for early outdoor color. They can stand weather down to 30 degrees. Bring them up to the porch or another protected area if temperatures dip lower.

– March is not the time for fertilizing lawns. Wait until late April or early May when the lawn has been mowed a few times.