February is a month which can vary widely from year to year. Some years February is just an extension of January, while in other years it can be a preview of Spring with rainy days and a few pop-up flowers.

Valentine’s Day comes to the rescue in the middle of this trying month, and young and old alike participate in this mental break from the monotony of Winter.

Much of the gardening routine from January follows into February, but towards the end of the month there come new chores which can be tackled:

  • If the snow melts and the lawn is matted, gently rake up the lawn to help get air circulation down to the crown of the grass plants.
  • Continue to fill bird feeders and maintain an open-water source of drinking water for the birds.
  • Cleanly remove any storm damaged branches from the trees and shrubs. Towards the end of the month and into March, pruning can start on deciduous trees, fruit trees and grapes.