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Celastrus (Bittersweet) Celastrus scandens 'Autumn Revolution' (Autumn Revolution Bittersweet)

Having both male and female parts, this ‘perfect’ flower is able to produce large orange fruits. These fruits ripen in October to reveal red seeds inside the husks. The plants are popularly dried up and used in flower arrangements. Full sun locations produce the best fruit production. Bittersweet is often used as a climbing vine.  It also makes a good groundcover. Be sure not to plant near a tree as it is strong enough to girdle its trunk.

  • Height: 15'-25'
  • Spread: 24”
  • Exposure:

Euonymus (Euonymus) fortunei 'Vegetus' (Bigleaf Wintercreeper)

Low growing, spreading shrub. Abundant pink fruit capsules form through the summer. Orange fruits are produced heavily in the fall and remain throughout the winter. Makes a good groundcover or slow growing vine. Dark green leaves. Rarely needs pruning. One of the most cold hardy cultivars.

  • Height: 2'-3'
  • Spread: 4'-6'
  • Exposure:
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Hedera (Ivy) helix 'Thorndale' (Thorndale English Ivy)

Evergreen with creamy-white veins on extra large, lustrous, rich green leaves. Versatile plant which is also an excellent groundcover. Dies back to snow level in severe winters. Has a strong vining habit that can climb up to 50′. One of the most commonly used broadleaf evergreen groundcovers or broadleaf evergreen vines. Great for large plantings. Low maintenance. Stems root as they spread.

  • Height: 3"-5"
  • Spread: 5' or more
  • Exposure:
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Hydrangea (Hydrangea) anomala petiolaris (Climbing Hydrangea)

Excellent clinging vine for covering stone walls, arbors, trees, etc. Needs some sort of support. Gloss, dark green leaves. Flattened clusters of fragrant, white, lace-cap configured flowers in late spring to early summer. Best grown in well-drained soil in part shade to full shade. Slow to establish, but quite vigorous thereafter.

  • Height: 30'-50'
  • Exposure:
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  • Attracts Birds
    Rabbit Resistant
  • Attracts Butterflies
  • Attracts Hummingbirds
  • Deer Resistant
  • Fragrant
  • Salt Tolerant
  • Shade
  • Wet Soils