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Ilex (Holly) verticillata 'Bailfire' (Wildfire™ Winterberry)

White flowers over dark green foliage.  Yellow to bronze fall color is followed by bright red fruit in winter.  Great for cut stems and arrangements.  Compact, rounded shape.  Pollinated by Jim Dandy Winterberry.

  • Height: 7'-8'
  • Spread: 5'-6'
  • Exposure:

Ilex (Holly) verticillata 'Jim Dandy' (Jim Dandy winterberry)

A male, deciduous winterberry that is used to pollinate up to 6 nearby ‘Wildfire’, ‘Afterglow’, ‘Red Sprite’ or ‘Sparkleberry’ winterberry. Produces lots of flowers in June-July, but no fruit. Attractive glossy, dark green foliage. Rounded and compact. Prune to shape early in spring just before new growth begins.

  • Height: 3'-5'
  • Spread: 4'-6'
  • Exposure:

Ilex (Holly) x meserveae 'Royal Family' (Royal Family Holly)

Self-pollinating combination of I. x meservae ‘Blue Prince’ and ‘Blue Princess’. Berries emerge in fall, and persist through winter, but are not edible.   Pyramidal to upright form.  Small white flowers in mid spring.

  • Height: 8'-10'
  • Spread: 6'-8'
  • Exposure:
Characteristics Out of Stock
  • Attracts Birds
    Rabbit Resistant
  • Attracts Butterflies
  • Attracts Hummingbirds
  • Deer Resistant
  • Fragrant
  • Salt Tolerant
  • Shade
  • Wet Soils