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    Grand Fire Ring Kit

    Stack up the wood, grab the roasting sticks, kick back, and enjoy the glow. No matter the locale, there will always be cool evenings to enjoy the warmth of a backyard fire. Necessories’ Fire Rings and Pits add charm to any backyard design. Available in Santa Fe, Desert, Bluestone or Beechwood colors.

    Grand Fire Ring Kit Includes: US Park Service quality solid steel insert protects block. Kit includes:  TiteBond adhesive, Lakeland fire ring block &  31″Heavy (10) gauge solid steel insert. 


    Swivel Cooking Grate: 300 sq. inch Heavy guage welded steel construction, ADA compliant, Removable, Anti-theft feature

    Grand Fire Ring Cap Includes: Silver Creek 2.25″H chiseled edged limestone, 32″ inside diameter 52″ outside diameter. Eight pieces per pallet.

    Grand Fire Ring Block – one layer Includes: 19 Lakeland fire ring blocks. Can be purchased to create a taller Fire Pit.

    E-Z Access Spark Screen: Keeps ash and sparks in, debris out, Hinged for easy access 

    Steel Cover: Keeps children, animals and debris out, Heavy galvanized steel covers interior, with our without slot for a cooking grate. 

    Want to convert a wood burning fire pit to gas?  Click below!
    Size (inches)
    Build Time (hrs)
    Total Pallets
    Weight (lbs)
      Size (inches) Build Time (hrs) Total Pallets Weight (lbs)  
    Grand Fire Ring Block Only 48Wx12H 0.5 1 1,019
    Grand Fire Ring Block and Steel Insert 48Wx12Hx31" interior diameter 0.5 1 1,057
    Grand Fire Ring Block and Steel Insert with Grate 48Wx12x31" interior diameter 0.5 1 1,085
    Grand Fire Ring Cap 10x2.25 1 288
    Grand Fire Ring Block - one layer 48x4 1 336
    E-Z Access Spark Screen 40x18 1 22

    *Build times assume two people with limited skills and base work is completed prior to construction. See all kits.
    **Before building your Grand Fire Ring, check with your local zoning commission for building restrictions and required construction permits.

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