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    Dimex Flex Edging 7.5' length 12 / bundle Heavy-duty vinyl edge restraint for 60mm brick pavers with a 1.75″ vertical wall height.
    Dimex Flex Low Profile 7.5' length 12 / bundle Heavy-duty vinyl edge restraint for 40mm brick pavers with a 1.25″ vertical wall height. 
    Dimex 4" Alluminum 1/8" Edging 1/8" x 8' length Available in Black or Natural. Aluminum alloy edging is 1/8″ thick and 8' long. Aluminum is suitable for most edging applications even those that require flexibility such as tree rings.
    Dimex Stake / Connector Kit 4 stakes & Connectors
    Gator Base 24"x36" 10 / pack Final dimensions at installation: 23.5 in x 35.5 in = 5.79 sq ft, ¾ in thick, weight = 1.32 lbs each 59.7 cm x 90.2 cm = 0.54 sq m, 19 mm thick, weight = 0.6 kg each
    Gator Base Screws ⅛ LD HOLLOW ANCHOR 50 per box Fastening Gator Edge with the Gator Base Screw through the Gator Base reinforces the outside perimeter, creating a strong lateral support.
    Gator Base Spacer 1/4" or 1/8" 50 per pack The spacer can be cut into 1/2 or 1/4 to be used along the edge. NOTE: spacer bar needs to be kept to ensure exact spacing when laying the tile.
    Gator Edge Mini 1"x 8' length 24 per bundle
    Gator Edge Rigid & Flex 8' length 24 per bundle Designed for straight or curved installation It is especially easy to use and quick to install
    Gator Tile Edge ⅝” x 2¼”x 8'length 24 per bundle Can be installed either before or after the Porcelain tile installation
    Lawn Edge with Stakes Connectors 20' 5 per bundle 20' L with 4 Stake Connectors
    Pave Edge Pro Rigid 7' length 12 per bundle Designed to work well for sidewalks, patios and driveways
    Pave Edge Pro Flex 7' length 12 per bundle 7' length
    PermEdge 8' length 64 / pallet For permeable pavement with open graded base material. Does straight or curved edges.
    Perma-Edge Paver Edging 77 lb Bucket One bucket of Perma Edge mixed with water will yield approximately 20' of edging of edging on a clear / permeable base and 25' of edging on a dense / crushed base. 
    Silca System Grates 16"x18.25"x1.5" 252 units per bundle Silca System can be used for a wide variety of applications: Decks, Patios, Stairs, Ramps, Paths, Bridges, Docks, Around Pools, Commercial and Civil Applications
    SnapEdge SEK 8' length 24 / bundle

    For more information on Gator Base visit: https://www.alliancegator.com/products/gator-base/

    For more information on Perma-Edge visit: http://www.permapaveredging.com/

    For more information on Snap Edge from SEK visit: https://sek.us.com/products/snap-edge-paver-restraint/