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    Blades & Cutting Devices
    ~ Quickblade®- Automatic Loading Knife Quickblade Knife with ergonomic handle. Includes 5 blades 6.25" Automatically loads next blade from storage compartment.
    ~ Porcelain Dry Blade Dry blade for cutting porcelain, marble granite & more 12" & 14"
    ~ Tornado 20mm Arb Supreme Saw Blade Tornado Saw Blade 14"
    ~ GP Turbo 20mm Arb Supreme Saw Blade Black Metalic 14"
    Caulk / Adhesive Guns
    ~Dripless® CR200 Yellow, Dripless, Attached Self-Puncture Pin 11oz~&~28oz Enhanced Mechanical Function, Maximum bead production per squeeze, Super Sharp Cutter for advanced performance
    ~Newborn® 111-CB Orange, Dripless, Attached Self-Puncture Pin & Caulk Buddy. 2 caulk gun caps included 11oz~&~28oz Caulk Buddy Caulk Finisher smooths your bead and clips on your gun.
    ~ Techniseal Structure Bond Adhesive Dispenser Gun An adhesive dispenser specifically made for the application of the Structure Bond hardscape foam adhesive. for 24oz Cleans with Techniseal Structure Bond Adhesive Gun Cleaner (see Adhesives for details)
    Chisel - 4" 4"
    Cup Wheel Grinder
    ~ Double Row Double Row Diamond 4"
    ~ 24 Segment 24 segment platinum 7"
    Slit Foam Roller from Techniseal® For solvent-based paver protectors 9"x3" Remains spongy for a uniform application.
    ~ Dead Blow Sledge Hammer Covered with a Blue hot cast polyurethane non-damaging molded shell 15.25"/ 3.5 lbs Steel canister and rod welded together for greater strength, durability and safety
    ~ Dead Blow Sledge Hammer Covered with a Blue, hot cast polyurethane non-damaging molded shell 20"/ 5.5 lbs Steel canister and rod welded together for greater strength, durability andsafety
    Lifting Aids
    ~ Airlift Base Kit from Pave Tech ®
    Level - Mighty Tee T - Level 10.5"x 6" Notched design getting over interlocking tabs. Levels blocks in 2 directions at same time. Lightweight for easy handling. Made in the USA
    ~ Paver Mallet Wood Handle 13" / 4 lbs Cast iron head housing, 13" wood handle, Color coded heads, Red: Hard plastic / Black: Medium hard rubber
    ~ Wall Mallet Black & White Wall Mallet with 19" wood handle 19" / 7 lbs Cast iron head housing. Color coded heads.
    Measuring & Marking Tools
    ~ Chalk Dark Blue Marking Chalk 8oz High quality chalk. Won't cake. Up to 5 strikes per line
    ~ Chalk Line Reel & Plumb Guide Chalk Reel 100' line Tuck in spin handle, Side compartment opens to easily to add chalk
    ~ Marking Pencil Red Marking Pencil 7"
    ~ Soap Stone Marking Soap Stone 0.5" x 5"
    ~ Tape Measure Locking Tape Measure 25' Measures in 1/32" increments. Self retracting, 1" wide tape. Belt Clip, Non-slip cover
    Poly Pad for Plate Compactors Universal Poly Pad for Plate compactors. A layer of protection between the compactor and the pavers to help prevent scratching 23" x 19" Fits most plate compactors
    Ratchet Straps With Twin J Hooks 2" x 27' 10,000 lb rated
    Saw / Silica Dust Vacuum System
    Spade - Straight Edge Straight Edge Spade 13" King of Spades with foot pad
    ~ Acid Stain Sprayer 3.5 gallon
    ~ Techniseal Exact Sprayer Provides a perfect / water mix Connects to a garden hose
    Wheelbarrows Brentwood, industrial grade wheelbarrow. Made from heavy gauge HDPE 6 cubic ft Will not rust or corrode. Available in a range of sizes. Supplied with wide turf or no-flat tires