Beacon Hill™Smooth

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The popularity of Beacon Hill Flagstone sizes inspired the creation of Beacon Hill Smooth. Offered in the same random bundle sizes and a larger, XL rectangle unit, this version of Beacon Hill offers a smooth surface texture for a sleek, modern look. Beacon Hill Smooth also offers a more contemporary color palette, including monochromatic color choices. Ideal for patios, pool surrounds and walkways, Beacon Hill Smooth offers the refined surface and long lasting color of Enduracolor.

PRODUCT TECHNOLOGY:  EnduraColor™ Facemix Technology – EnduraColor™ products are manufactured in a two-step process which combines a base of coarser aggregates for a stronger foundation, with concentrated color and wear-resistant finer aggregates on top. EnduraColor™ products are highly resistant to fading because the top layer prevents large, lighter color aggregates from showing through.


Unit Thickness
Sq Ft/ Bdl
Layers/ Bdl
Lbs/ Bdl
Sq Ft/ Lyr
Units/ Bdl
  Unit Thickness Sq Ft/ Bdl Layers/ Bdl Lbs/ Bdl Sq Ft/ Lyr Units/ Bdl  
6cm Random Bundle 2 ⅜" (6cm) 116.57 10 3216 11.66
Large Rectangle 22½"x15"x2⅜" 2 ⅜" (6cm) 20
Square 15"x15"x2⅜" 2 ⅜" (6cm) 30
Small Rectangle 7½”x15"x2⅜" 2 ⅜" (6cm) 30
XL Unit 21"x35"x2⅜" 2 ⅜" (6cm) 116.57 10 3249 20
8cm Random Bundle 8cm 81.60 7 2982 11.66
Small Rectangle 7½”x15"x2⅜" 2 ⅜" (6cm) 116.57 10 3199 150

Sold in full bundles or layers only. 

A urethane rubber paver mat must be used to prevent scuffing.

Beacon Hill ™ Smooth 6cm product is not suitable for vehicular applications.