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Brussels Dimensional Stone®

With its antique weathered appearance, Brussels Dimensional Stone® mirrors the always appealing look of natural stone.  You’ll enjoy its design versatility too. In fact, it’s the most versatile concrete landscape component on the market.  Use it to build planter walls, steps, pillars, outdoor kitchens or specialty features, or use as edging for your garden.

  • brussels dimensional  _ch_coffeecreek_325
  • brussels dimensional  _ch_limestone_325
  • brussels dimensional  _ch_prairie_325
  • brussels dimensional _ch_sandstone_325
  • brussels dimensional _ch_sierra_3

Brussels Fullnose™ & 6″x 12″ Fullnose

A nice edge to any step, swimming pool, pillar or more! When a hard edge or corner is not appropriate in your landscape plan, this paving stone is the perfect solution. Brussels Fullnose™ (tumbled) and 6″x 12″ Fullnose (un-tumbled) With its smooth, rounded exposed edge, it’s ideal for pool edges, the front of steps and … [more]

  • Unilock_bfn-coffee-creek-ch.6bf8a128263ad4d3a9f90ed3b2286b0a
  • Unilock_ful-on-limestone.a84349f80cf47e0e44621fdfafba679e
  • Unilock_ful-on-desertsand.eb56d097db6d0251b3acd289d7232d78
  • Unilock_ful-on-sandstone.1ac459fe822db0f69531bd349c266c9c
  • Unilock_ful-on-sierra-tumbled.6abe9b093179d6cc2db491483ad52cc7
  • Unilock_fn-6x12-coffee-creek-ch.88c2dc577ea2e543c5e81c76314252f9
  • Unilock_fn-6x12-limestone-ch.b1cdfffce3fd3f4e76080c89711bc8fd
  • Unilock_fn-6x12-prairie-ch.3eef3465abe45724718c42099b807675
  • Unilock_fn-6x12-sandstone-ch.42d3fd351c16c5dfa1ceb627d00e57bc
  • Unilock_fn-6x12-sierra-ch.2b1346dfd4f70dcaa733acfc5fecf751

Estate Wall®

The antiqued and textured finish of this Estate Wall® recreates the appearance of aged, natural rock. Combine the family of compatible pieces to create virtually any wall, planter, step or pillar design. 3″ & 6″ random wall bundles have convertible large units that can be used for corners or ending seat walls.  End caps not sold … [more]

  • 5701 unilock estate coffee creek
  • 5701 unilock estate prairie
  • 5701 unilock estate river
  • 5701 unilock estate sandstone
  • 5701 unilock estate sierra
  • Unilock estate wall fieldstone

Ledgestone™ Steps & Coping

Ledgestone™ coping and pillar cap is Unilock’s universal coping system that is turning heads with its remarkably natural appearance. Featuring pitched edges and three color options to work with, Ledgestone™ can be used to cap almost any Unilock® landscape wall. PRODUCT TECHNOLOGY:  Reala™ Surface Technology:  Ultra-realistic textures cast from natural stone, brick and historic cobblestones. … [more]

  • LDG_CH_Buff_LRG
  • LDG_CH_Grey_LRG
  • LDG_CH_Blue_LRG

Lineo Dimensional Stone™

Contemporary and sleek lines define Lineo Dimensional Stone™ with a linear multi-length plank look.  Ideal for garden walls, pillars and other outdoor vertical elements.  Lineo Dimensional Stone™ offers up modern design and exceptional flexibility. All measurements are nominal.  Spacing strips are shipped with random wall bundles to create even spacing between units.  

  • lineo_ch_granite-1
  • lineo -ch-sandalwood
  • lineo _ch_sierra-1

Olde Quarry®

Whether your plans call for constructing a curved wall, seat wall, planters, steps, edging or even an outdoor kitchen, the look will be commanding and impressive with the antiqued finish of Olde Quarry®.  The flexibility of Olde Quarry makes it one of the most significant landscape design products available today.  Available in a variety of … [more]

  • olde-quarry_coffeecreek_325
  • olde-quarry-fieldstone
  • olde-quarry-prairie
  • olde-quarry_river_325
  • OQY_CH_Sandstone
  • olde quarry sierra_325


The built-in setback design (1.5″/ft.) of Pisa2® automatically forms the correct slope, ensuring a highly stable retaining wall. Utilizing the product’s wedge-shaped pieces, you can form curved walls and steps. The tongue and groove interlock allows for walls up to 4′ tall without geo-grid. Minimum inside radius on curved walls is 8′. **SOLD IN DOUBLE … [more]

  • pisa 2_ch_nevada_325
  • pisa 2_ch_sierra_325


Rivercrest® Wall gives you the character and flexibility of natural stone combined with the durability and affordability of concrete. PRODUCT TECHNOLOGY:  Reala™ Surface Technology:  Ultra-realistic textures cast from natural stone, brick and historic cobblestones.

  • rivercrest _on_buff_325
  • RVC_Coastal Slate

Siena Stone®

Bold and dramatic, Siena Stone® strikes an impressive profile when used for a wall or as treads in large outdoor staircases. A great solution for heavy-duty load-bearing wall applications.  

  • 5724 unilock siena nevada
  • 5724 unilock sierra