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Adhesive – Super-Stik

Professionals depend on Super-Stik™ adhesive for its superior strength, time-tested performance and versatility. Super-Stik™ is the ideal solution for Segmental Retaining Walls, Pavers and Masonry. You can even apply it when damp! PHYSICAL PROPERTIES (TYPICAL)   Type Synthetic elastomeric polymer State Medium-viscosity mastic Color Light tan Solids 65% Viscosity 130,000 cps Calculated VOC (less except … [more]

American Brick Paver 6cm (Interlock®)

American Brick Paver 6cm  Interlock’s new American Brick Paver was styled after reclaimed clay bricks commonly used in turn of the century Philadelphia streets Ideal for borders, accents and insets Smooth top, subtle texture surface Radius edges and corners No spacers, zero joint Available by layer All colors are protected with KolorLast  


Antique Travertine Landscape Tiles (Silver Creek Stoneworks®)

Travertine tiles so rich, elegant and authentic looking, only you will know their true origin. Produced with premium white cement, Ivory and Graphite Travertine look as if they just came from European quarries. Perfect for pools, patios and walkways. Travertine bullnose is ideal for pool coping and step treads. Rochester now offers a matching step! … [more]


Barn Plank Landscape Tiles (Silver Creek Stoneworks®)

Silver Creek’s newest landscape tile has the look of weathered white pine, with soft edges, deep splits and detailed grain on five surfaces. Barn Plank is wet cast concrete and will never rot, warp, splinter or peel over time and it’ll never need to be stained or sealed like wood, or crack like stamped concrete. … [more]


Barrington™ 6cm Pavers / Slabs (Interlock®)

Barrington™ Pavers/ Slabs Sure to please designers, contractors and property owners alike, Barrington’s appeal comes from its outstanding color, smooth surface, subtle edge detail and extremely large format. Barrington’s impressive look comes from its 16 x 24” unit (2.66 sq. ft.) and that means it looks great and installs faster than any other paver system. … [more]


Broadmour™ Pavers & Broadmour™ Plank (Interlock®)

Broadmour™ 6cm & 10cm Pavers & Broadmour™ Plank The Broadmour paver is designed for heavy traffic applications. Unlike other pavers, Broadmour is able to withstand extreme loads and constant abuse, making it ideal for commercial projects while the narrow profile of the Broadmour Plank™ paver creates a unique, contemporary look for walkways, boulevards, and patios. Features Smooth top, … [more]


Bullnose Paver / Coping / Step Tread (Interlock®)

Bullnose Paver / Coping / Step Tread Bullnose pavers are ideal for step treads, coping, seat walls, and accents. At 6″ wide, these bullnose lay more quickly and require less cuts than a typical bullnose. Features Smooth surface, full radius front Available tumbled (allow 2-3 days for tumbling) Available by pallet or layer


Cobble Stone™ (Interlock®)

Cobble Stone™ 8cm paver The new cobble stone is a permeable system with the enviable appearance of a centuries worn paver. Cobble Stone™ paver has an open spacer joint design, making it ideal for use in storm water runoff permeable paver applications. Features Four-piece, one pallet system Designed for driveways, pathways and accenting applications Subtle texture … [more]


Colonial™Circle Kit 6cm (Interlock®)

Colonial™Circle Kit 6cm  The Colonial™ Circle Kit is 13.23ft in diameter, and arrives on 2 pallets. These 2 pallets contain the 3 components that are needed to construct. First, a “Circle Starter Kit” which includes the center block and the first 2 rings. (It is shown shaded in the illustration below.) The 10 additional rings are … [more]


Colonial™Paver (Interlock®)

Colonial 6cm & 8cm paver Its dimpled surface provides the distinguished appeal of worn cobble stones. Colonial’s larger sizes, circle and fan kits make it well suited for expansive areas such as large driveways, patios, and courtyards. Features Four-piece system Dimpled top, radius edge Auto spacers, 1/16″ joint 8cm version suitable for vehicular applications Circle kits … [more]


Edge Paver Restraint & Spikes

Secure the Edge with Snap Edge, Low Profile or Permedge Edge restraints secure the hardscape system and are a necessity in any hardscape project installation if you want it to look beautiful through the years.  To avoid the high cost of paver edge restraint failure and ultimately protect your reputation, carefully consider the many factors … [more]

Edger – Bullet Edgers (Interlock™)

Bullet Edger by Interlock™ Easy to install Bullet Edgers separate landscape rock and mulch from turf. The round nose on one end allows you to wind them around gardens, flower beds, trees, and shrubs to build interesting landscape features.


Edger – Classic (Rockwood®)

Classic Edger  Easy to install Classic Edger separate landscape rock and mulch from turf. Patented T-lock design helps prevent frost heave.  The Classic Edger allows you to wind around gardens, flower beds, trees, and shrubs to build interesting landscape features.  


Flagstone™ Paver (Interlock®)

Flagstone™ 6cm paver The enduring appeal of natural flagstone with the advantages of a manufactured paver. Introducing Flagstone™, Interlock’s new one-shape paver with six unique slate faces. At 1.6 sq. ft. each, Flagstone™ lays fast in a running bond. When sanded, its false joint design virtually eliminates any noticeable pattern. Suitable for patios, walkways and insets, … [more]


Grid – Geo-Grid Rolls (Strata)

StrataGrid’s Strength Delivers StrataGrid® is a high performance soil reinforcement product. It is made with polyester yarns that have a high molecular weight and extraordinary tensile strength. These yarns are then knitted into a dimensionally stable network of apertures to form the geometric grid shape which offers tensile reinforcement to the soil in both the vertical … [more]

Holland Eco™ Paver 8cm (Interlock®)

Holland Eco™ 8cm permeable paver Our Holland Eco™ like our other eco-friendly paver systems is designed for managing storm water runoff by allowing surface water to pass through to the sub-layers below. The open joint design allows for extremely high flow rates compared to traditional pavers. Features 5 x 10″ H and 5 x 5 x … [more]


Holland Paver 6cm & 8cm (Interlock®)

Holland Paver 6cm & 8cm Holland™ pavers are the preferred choice for contemporary flair. Their wide color pallet and classic appearance grant them universal appeal.   Features Larger than typical Hollands (4.25″ W x 8.5″ H) Smooth top beveled edge Small auto-spacer For patios, paths, pools and drives Endless design opportunities Available in 6cm and 8cm … [more]


Lamont™ Circle Kit (Interlock®)

Lamont™ Circle Kit The Lamont Circle Kit builds a round patio or inset that is 10.31 ft in diameter and it includes a center piece and 7 rings or courses of pavers as shown in the illustration below. It arrives on a single pallet. The table below outlines the pieces that come on that pallet. … [more]


Lamont™ Paver (Interlock®)

Lamont 6cm paver Because of its weathered appearance and warm colors, Lamont™ has become one of our most popular pavers. 5 color choices Four-piece tumbled system No auto spacers, zero joint Suitable for vehicular applications Extremely versatile – endless designs. 6″x8″ & 4″x8″ also available in Brown & Onyx


Mezzano™ 6cm Pavers (Interlock®)

Mezzano™ 6cm paver Just like our popular Serano™ paver, our slate top Mezzano™ lays quickly. It is a three-piece paver system. Features Three-piece, one pallet system Chamfered/irregular edge Auto spacers, 1/8″ joint Suitable for vehicular applications Slate surface texture 6 x 12″ Accent paver *Mezzano™ pavers in Antique Brown, Beechwood, Bluestone, Santa Fe are all available with … [more]


Minnetonka™ Slabs 6cm (Interlock®)

Minnetonka™6cm slab/large format paver Introducing Minnetonka, Interlock’s newest three-piece paver. Sure to please designers, contractors and property owners alike, Minnetonka’s appeal comes from its outstanding color, slate surface, subtle edge detail and extremely large format. Minnetonka’s impressive looks and efficiency come from its 16 x 24” unit (2.66 sq. ft.), and that means it looks … [more]


Serano™ 6cm paver (Interlock®)

Serano 6cm paver The flat surface, large format, and random appearance of a Serano™ paver pathway or drive will complement any modern or contemporary style home. Three-piece, one pallet system Chamfered/irregular edge Auto spacers, 1/8″ joint Suitable for vehicular applications Smooth surface texture 6 x 12″ accent paver Available with KolorLast Hardscape Protectant *Three-piece Paver Color … [more]


Slate Landscape Tiles (Silver Creek Stoneworks®)

Slate Landscape Tiles The look and feel of Slate is so authentic, it will be adored by you, admired by family and envied by neighbors. All Silver Creek landscape tiles are manufactured to consistent dimensions, they create beautiful patios, boulevards and paths and lay faster and more economically than natural stone. Features Five sizes with … [more]