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Natural Stone Calculations

Drywall – Cut

Used to build retaining walls, edging driveways, and garden planters and much more!  Choose from different thicknesses or mix it up to create your own look.  8″ deep and random lengths. Coverage is approximately 20 face feet per ton.


Drywall – Random

Random Drywall comes in random lengths, heights and depths.  Coverage is approximately 5 face feet per ton. Chestnut: 3-5″, 4-6″, 5″-7″ Chilton: 5-7″ FonDuLac: 4-6″ Highland Brown: Wilson White: 2-5″, 4-7 Chilton Weathered Edge (W.E.): 3-5″, 4-6″, 5″-7 FonDuLac Weathered Edge (W.E.): 6-9″, 9-12″



Irregularly shaped, 1 – 2″ thick quarried stone that is used for walkways, patios, stepping stones, and slabs.  Flagstone is a term used to describe pieces that are generally larger than 18″ x 18″. Coverage is approximately 75-100 square feet per ton.


Natural Stone from Unilock®

Natural Stone from Unilock® is not only aesthetically beautiful, but has also been selected based on the low water absorption, freeze-thaw durability and strength.  This product offers uncompromising quality to an impressive line of premium Natural Stone from India. Note: Natural Stone from Unilock® is precisely processed with only a +/- 2mm variance.  All sizes … [more]


Steppers (Flagstone) – Random

Wilson’s carries many varieties of Steppers. Steppers are flagstone  pieces that range from approximately 8″ – 18″ in diameter and approximately 1″ – 2″ thick. . Steppers range in many sizes, colors and textures.


Wisconsin Granite Boulder

Mix of grey, pink, red and black. Granite Boulders Approximate Weight Chart Size Weight in Pounds 4-8″ 60 7-12″ 120 12-18″ 200 18-24″ 400