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Viburnum (Viburnum) x. juddi (Judd Viburnum)

Full rounded shrub with dark blue green leaves. Pink buds open to fragrant white flowers. Reddish to wine fall color. Slow growth habit.

  • Height: 6'-8'
  • Spread: 4'-6'
  • Exposure:

Viburnum (Viburnum) lantana 'Mohican' (Mohican Viburnum)

Compact growth habit and erect branching. Orange red fruit, which turns to black, provides a nice display in summer and fall. Dark green foliage turns reddish purple in fall. Creamy white, flat topped flowers entirely envelop the plant in late April/early May. Tolerates dry soil.

  • Height: 6'-8'
  • Spread: 6'-8'
  • Exposure:

Viburnum (Viburnum) dentatum 'Christom' (Blue Muffin® Viburnum)

Compact, dense and arching branches. Masses of white flowers in spring, followed by blue berries in late summer (Berries are NOT edible). Yellow, red and purple fall color. Makes a great low hedge or foundation plant.

  • Height: 5'-7'
  • Spread: 4'-5'
  • Exposure:
  • Attracts Birds
    Rabbit Resistant
  • Attracts Butterflies
  • Attracts Hummingbirds
  • Deer Resistant
  • Fragrant
  • Salt Tolerant
  • Shade
  • Wet Soils